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Surveillance of regulations on consumer protection area has become one of most important areas of Market Inspectorate of Republic of Slovenia.


Consumer Protection Act, which specifies the role of Market Inspectorate of RS as a surveillance authority for market activities, was adopted in 1998. It is a key regulation on this area and regulates consumer rights in relation to legal entities.  Each amendment of the aforementioned act, usually a consequence of harmonisation procedures of national legislation with EU legislation, has only increased the scope of responsibilities delegated to Market Inspectorate of RS. Thus the adoption of Consumer Credit Act in 2002 delegated to Market Inspectorate of RS an entirely new area of surveillance, i. e. protection of consumer rights in relation to creditors, other than banks.


Market Inspectorate of Republic of Slovenia is at present responsible for surveillance of implementation of the following acts and regulations, adopted specifically for protection of consumer rights:


Consumer Protection Act

  • Rules on Price Indication for Goods and Services (Official Gazette of RS, No. 63/1999, 27/2001, 65/2003)
  • Rules on goods to be covered by a warranty for proper operations (Official Gazette of RS, No. 73/2003, 92/2003)

Consumer Credit Act, Official consolidated text (Official Gazette of RS, No. 77/2004)

  • Rules on the conditions to be met by credit intermediaries (Official Gazette of RS, No. 102/2000)
  • Order on the form and contents of the label showing compliance with the requirements of consumer crediting (Official Gazette of RS, No.  102/2000)
  • Average Effective Interest Rates Applying to Consumer Credits of Banks and Savings Banks (Official Gazette of RS, No. 66/2004)
  • Rules on the reporting of creditors with regard to conclusions of credit agreements and to the agreed effective interest rates (Official Gazette of RS, No. 75/2004)

The above mentioned regulations have been harmonised with EU legislation, which means that consumer rights in Republic of Slovenia have been aligned with consumer rights in other EU countries, according to EU consumer legislation, a number of directives from the area of consumer protection. Nevertheless, ensuring consumer rights solely on legislative basis is inadequate; therefore we must enable consumers to exercise their rights also in practice. This requires an efficient and operational system and this is where Market Inspectorate of Republic of Slovenia plays an important role in fast, efficient and cost-effective management of resolving consumer complaints in relation to legal entities.


Market Inspectorate of Republic of Slovenia ensures consumer rights to be fully respected by surveillance of legal entities and by management of consumer complaints, as specified by national legislation from this area. To be able to do so, Market Inspectorate can take several measures, such as administrative decisions, which forbids sales or advertising of a product or service, the same measure – on the other hand - can impose on a legal entity to meet consumers' demands. Another measure came in force at the beginning of 2005 and gave Market Inspectorate right to fine a legal entity if their action (or omission) is considered a criminal offence.


Expanded scope of responsibilities of Market Inspectorate of Republic of Slovenia is also reflected in increased scope of market surveillance on the area of consumer protection. Similar trends can be expected also in future, since Market Inspectorate shall be a competent authority in Slovenia responsible for cooperation on the area of consumer protection, in cases where consumers, whose rights have been violated or might be violated by legal entities, are located in a country other than that of the legal entity.


As a consumer you may have questions regarding your rights or you might require assistance exercising your rights and wish to file a complaint against a legal entity, which violates your rights. We would like to invite you to send your complaints using the form »Consumer Complaint« below or communicate with us by phone. You can also send your complaints and questions to the following address.