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Having adopted EU legislation, Market Inspectorate of Republic of Slovenia has acquired new areas of responsibility related to surveillance of conformity and product safety of non-foodstuffs on basis of the following regulations:

  • Act on Technical Requirements for Products and Establishing Conformity (Official Gazette of RS, N. 99/2004), which adopts New Approach Directives and some other directives, and transposes them into national legislation.
  • General Product Safety Act (Official Gazette of RS, N. 101/03), which adopts provisions of General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC)

Other important regulations are also:

  • Rules on Format and Contents of Safety Product Notification (Official Gazette of RS, N. 33/05), which states detailed contents of the notification, which must be communicated to Market Inspectorate of Republic of Slovenia by producers and distributors, should it be established that the product which was placed on the market presents dangers, which do not meet general safety requirements;
  • Regulation on Ways of International Information Exchange on Measures and Actions, which Restrict Product Trade (Official Gazette of RS, N. 119/03), which determines ways of working and cooperation of national bodies in procedures of international information exchange on inspection measures, which restrict trading of products and also on voluntary acts of producers and distributors - RAPEX.

Both acts specify conditions, which must be fulfilled by products in order to be put on the market. Furthermore, they also specify obligations of producers and distributors, contents and procedures for information exchange (RAPEX and safeguard clause) and specify surveillance of conformity and safety of products. Market Inspectorate has – in cases of non-conformed products – authority to ban placing a product on the market (sales activities), to demand product withdrawal from the distribution chain or demand a recall of a dangerous product.


Technical regulations, which specify safety of non-foodstuffs for consumers and are within responsibility of Market Inspectorate of RS are as follows:

  • Rules on Electrical Equipment for Use within Certain Voltage Limits (LVD)
  • Rules on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Rules on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Rules on Safety of Machinery (MD)
  • Rules on Gas Appliances (GAD)
  • Rules on Recreational Crafts (RCD)
  • General Product Safety Act (GPSD)
  • Rules on Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE)
  • Rules on Construction Products (CPD)

Should you have any questions related to execution of technical regulations, which specify conditions for placing non-foodstuffs on the market of Republic of Slovenia and are within responsibility of Market Inspectorate, we would like to invite you to send your questions using this website address.